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In contrast to most cultures New Year celebrations which are characterised by parties of great gusto and revelry, Bali opens its Hindu New Year quite uniquely with a Day of Silence, or Nyepi. Following colourful ceremonies where effigies are cleansed in rivers or the ocean and a carnival to ward off evil spirits.

The day before this large Hindu festival called “Pengerupukan” day, large colourful sculptures of ‘Ogoh – Ogoh’ statue are paraded and then burned in the evening to drive away evil spirits.

Falling on the March 22nd , 2023, it is celebrated reverently indoors. Observed from 5am until 6am the next morning, Nyepi is a day to start afresh, contemplate and reassess one’s values in life. As a day of solemn reflection, Balinese people abstain from travelling (Amati Lelunganan), working (Amati Karya), no fire may be lit (Amati Geni) and all forms of entertainment (Amati Lelanguan) instead spending the day quietly at home engaging in minimal activity, fasting and meditation.

In order to respect the tradition, all outdoor lights shall be switched off for one full night of March 22nd , 2023, we kindly request you to keep the curtain closed tightly and you shall not be permitted to go out from hotel premises. The streets shall be closed to pedestrians and vehicles, and street lights are turned off for the evening in all Bali. Pecalang or traditional security men shall patrol the streets to ensure the prohibitions are being followed. Ngurah Rai International airport will be totally closed on March 22nd, 2023, there will be neither arrival nor departure in the airport on that day. All connecting airports around the world have been informed in advance about this.

Operational activities and services in the hotel will operate normally until 6pm. Please take note that all of TV channels shall be not on service starting March 22nd, 2023 and shall be back to normal broadcast on March 23rd, 2023. Wifi will work as per normal.

Roost restaurant will be opened for breakfast from 7am – 10am, buffet lunch at 12pm – 2pm and buffet dinner at 4pm – 6pm. Please note, room service will be not available during Nyepi. Swimming pool and gym can be accessed until 6pm only. For further information, please contact our 24 hours Guest Service Attendant dial “0”

On the day after Nyepi, 23rd March 2023, maidens and bachelors of each village participate in the traditional event of Ngembak to strengthen brotherhood and understanding among the younger generation.

Let us observe Hindu Day of Silence and Balinese New Year at The Nest Hotel Nusa Dua.

Rahajeng nyanggra rahina Nyepi Caka 1945

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In order to improve our service to our guests, there will be refurbishment on some of our rooms which may cause unavoidable inconveniences. Refurbishment process will start from Feb, 1st 2023 until Mar, 31st 2023 daily at 9 am till 5 pm. We truly apologize and hope for your kind understanding. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay with us.